Janice LeBlanc

Registered Psychotherapist (RP)
Registered Canadian Art Therapist (RCAT)
Certified Trauma Practitioner - Clinical (CTP-C)
Virtual Therapy Available

yellow paint stroke

About Art Therapy

Safe and secure telephone and virtual sessions available.

Within a safe, supportive environment, the client is given the opportunity to explore issues and emotions through the use of the chosen art materials.

The client is then given the opportunity to discuss the artwork with the therapist, in order to assist in the client’s process of bringing personal meaning and insight to the artwork. (this verbal component can be optional depending on the needs of the client)

The artwork becomes the voice of the client and provides a safe and non-threatening place to process difficult emotions and memories, providing insight and clarity.

Ongoing sessions are then used in the same way but with the added process of relating the art to the client and the issues. 

The therapist’s role is to support the client in this process of discovery by not making any judgements about the client, the artwork or the presenting issues.