Janice LeBlanc

Registered Psychotherapist (RP)
Registered Canadian Art Therapist (RCAT)
Certified Trauma Practitioner - Clinical (CTP-C)
Virtual Therapy Available
blue paint stroke
About Art Therapy

Human beings think in images. Painful emotions and traumas are stored in the brain in the form of images.  Therefore, it is easier to express these feelings through art, especially when it seems that the language to express them is not present.
Art Therapy can provide a connection to emotions and difficult issues that have been impossible to access through other means.  It can facilitate emotional expression, self-awareness and positive change. Art Therapy can be an extremely effective treatment modality for people who find it difficult to express their issues verbally.

Spontaneous art expression is without evaluation or critique.  Emphasis is on the person and the process and not on the product.

Clients do not need any art background or artistic skill in order to participate or benefit from the Art Therapy process.

Art Therapy is beneficial for all ages – children, adolescents and adults.